Success Stories

There is only one measure of success for us and that is the success of our customers through the impactful solutions that we provide. Here are some examples:


One of our existing clients is a global leader in manufacturing products for process industries. They required a certification very quickly that was a new requirement by their key customers for one of their maintenance service divisions which has seven manufacturing locations. Each service contract at their key customers is worth several million dollars. This division had no system in place and each plant within the division “did their own thing”. We defined the key needs of the certification, collaboratively developed the standardized process workflows, made the required configurations to our product to meet their needs and agreed on an aggressive implementation plan.


Our innovation lies not only in our products but through our entire business— from our approach to understanding the pain points of a client, to the development of a solution, to implementation and, then to ongoing support and improvements. Our expertise is in business process workflows and document management. We apply that expertise to jointly discover the key requirements of our clients. We then integrate that expertise and knowledge of the requirement to configure our software solutions and adapt our implementation protocol and training. This ensures the highest level of adoption to ultimately deliver the maximum value to the end user at the client.

We have a client in the circuit board industry that had the highest level requirement for risk management in their process due to the significant cost of failure. They had some very unique requirements for their Management of Change process. We jointly configured a system based on their needs, our expertise in business process workflows, and our CRQuest module. This specifically configured system took their Management of Change process several levels higher while also ensuring the maximum mitigation of risk. We were commended for the speed at which we were able to deliver.

Another client is a globally known financial institution who was surprised with our entire innovative approach compared to their prior engagements with other consulting companies and associated software implementations. The client experienced our fundamentally different approach, where the software is only an enabler to take the clients business process workflows and document management to the next level. Counter to the traditional consulting approach, we transfer our knowledge about business process workflows so it can be utilized by our clients on an ongoing basis even without us!

Globally Connected

We have a client who operates globally but they were not sure we had the capability to support their entire business globally. So, they asked us to focus on a small part of their business. Over the years, we demonstrated both the value of our expertise and our ability to be globally connected to this client.

We have steadily grown and we now support this client across the globe with their 18,000 employees and 245 individual locations. We are universally connected which allows us to support the global footprint of corporate clients anywhere in the world at any time. We do this by tapping the top level talent pool from across the world to form our high performing teams that cohesively connect our clients who span 60+ countries in every continent around the world.


We outperform the industry and outperform the expectations of our clients by being highly adaptive, nimble and responsive. We have rapid release cycles and update our client systems with the latest improvements at least every month and continue to work to accelerate that. We have demonstrated that we can take new ideas from concept to production with exceptional speed, in some cases, hours if a client required it – all without sacrificing accuracy and quality.

Our client, an automotive manufacturing company, had an upcoming key audit for which they required a specific data set. We built a new feature which allowed the client to extract the required data for the audit in an unprecedented time frame as verified by the client.

Another existing client in the manufacturing sector approached us for a new proprietary solution for one of their processes. We developed and implemented that new product solution for our client in 6 weeks from start to finish, with no sacrifice in accuracy, quality and best practices.


We are trusted based on our demonstration of the core values in our day to day operations as noted in the examples above. Our solutions and products are the result of the input and feedback of subject matter experts in our clients’ organizations over the last 20+ years as we have “lived” with our clients. Our deployment strategy is to collaboratively study the current state at our clients, and jointly develop ideas to systemize any improvements in our products in order to meet their unique challenges. The result is a phenomenal feature set unmatched by anyone.

We have a client who had a lawsuit threatened regarding a regulatory issue. Since they had implemented our solutions for business process workflow and document management, they were able to leverage the history logging feature set to perform a forensic analysis to prove that they were compliant on this very specific issue spanning many years. This allowed them to have the lawsuit dismissed.

The following are some companies who have benefited from our services: